Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Fashion Mag Would You Be Editor in Chief for?

Strike a pose & Vogue!
Sometimes, when at work at my unemployment office, I dream of all the other careers that have passed me by... maybe it's not too late for something else?

I'm usually in awe of French Vogue, Italian Vogue (Especially the Couture Supplements...), but when I read American Vogue I go like.... EEEEEK, I could seriously do this better.

Where do I send my CV + cover letter? To Anna Wintour? I hear she herself told the old editor in chief that she was after THAT job. And indeed she did get it.

What magazine would you wanna be editor in chief for?


  1. Sports Illustrated all the way!

  2. Oh gosh, you guys! This blog is about FASHION!

  3. Great question!
    English Vogue...it's getting a little tired. Needs to be braver like its French sister!
    Cat x

  4. Why have you stopped blogging? I check nearly everyday your blog and find nothing, please continue. Regards