Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nails, nails, nails

I LOVE getting extra long acrylics attached to my nails. It must be the most luxurious experience of my weekly routine.

Sometimes, it's cumbersome to pick nailpolish that reflects my fashion forward, trendy self and is appropriate for my two careers; 9-5 I'm an agent at an Unemployment Office and during the nights and certain weekends I work as an exotic dancer in several bars here in Helsinki, Finland.

You really can't go wrong with zebra nails. They can be both sophisticated as well as sexy:

Short, all over, black and white.
Long acrylics, with pink and black zebra print on the tips. Very rock n roll!
Discreete, natural looking zebra tips.

Another style that works well for me are leopard spots:

Long, stylish, very haute couture.

80's influenced.

Very upperclass. Perfect for a countess or a duchess.
Or why not go all the way and put fur on your acrylics:

Furry nails. Soft & Sexy.


  1. Are those flocked nails? Never seen anything like it...

  2. I don't think a real countess would be caught dead in leopard nails. Did you ever see one?

  3. Anonymous,


    I actually know a french countess who wears nails like that. Don't be so narrow minded!

  4. Wow! These nails are fabulous! I especially love the 80's inspired nails. I have to say, I disagree with anon, a countess/duchess would definitely have nails like those! The gold touch on the nails definitely give it a haute couture vibe, so very suitable for a countess/duchess.
    Thanks for putting me in your "Fabulous Blogs" Donatella, I really appreciate it and it's an honour to have a presence on your blog! You're by far my favourite fashion blogger, you have a perfect sense of style and we seem to have so much in common!
    Keep blogging!

    Love from, MISSIFFA

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