Sunday, June 24, 2012

Royal Fashion: Queen Elizabeth II

I've always been fascinated by royal fashion. And obviously nobody has more experience in this area than Her Majesty, Elizabeth II.

Did the Queen deliberately match her sash with Camilla's dress?

In this clip, we see her sporting a timelessly cut, brocade gown with a diamond tiara on the head. I am not sure, but I suspect that the blue sash that the Queen is wearing is supposed to match Camilla's blue dress.

What are your opinions?



PS. What's with them playing the music in the middle of Obama's speech? Couldn't they have let the President of the USA finish speaking before playing their music?

PS. #2. Michelle Obama looked wonderful! Somehow her look seems a bit more modern than the rest...


  1. Awkward, but super fashionable moment...

  2. LOVE Michelle Obama's outfit! Who made it? Why didn't she get a crown?

  3. The sash has nothing to do with Camilla Parker Bowls' dress. The sash is a part of the Queen's regalia...

  4. Nope. The Queen wears what she wants, classically cut of course. I suspect Camilla only realised she was matching, later