Monday, June 25, 2012

New Shoes and Finance Minister Cancellation

Hi fellow fashionistas!

Today the Finnish Minister of Finance was due to visit my unemployment office. She cancelled, on very short notice blaming the bad weather.

Oh well, what is a fashion gal to do to get back into a good mood?

I went shoe shopping! Found these wegde babies at H & M for 10 euros! What do you think?

Impulse, picker-upper purchase at H&M!

I love mint green shoes. Notice my neon orange toe nails!

Kisses & Hugs,



  1. Oh wow! Nice job Donatella!

  2. Very sexy. Perfect for weekends on the beach.

  3. Can't see the toe nails, but I believe you. You seem to be all about neon nails, huh?

  4. Those wedges are perfect! I love mint green colours too (again, we have so much in common!) and those wedges are sure to go with lots of outfits! Your sense of style is perfect Ella!

    Love from, MISSIFFA