Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Fashion Mag Would You Be Editor in Chief for?

Strike a pose & Vogue!
Sometimes, when at work at my unemployment office, I dream of all the other careers that have passed me by... maybe it's not too late for something else?

I'm usually in awe of French Vogue, Italian Vogue (Especially the Couture Supplements...), but when I read American Vogue I go like.... EEEEEK, I could seriously do this better.

Where do I send my CV + cover letter? To Anna Wintour? I hear she herself told the old editor in chief that she was after THAT job. And indeed she did get it.

What magazine would you wanna be editor in chief for?

Nails, nails, nails

I LOVE getting extra long acrylics attached to my nails. It must be the most luxurious experience of my weekly routine.

Sometimes, it's cumbersome to pick nailpolish that reflects my fashion forward, trendy self and is appropriate for my two careers; 9-5 I'm an agent at an Unemployment Office and during the nights and certain weekends I work as an exotic dancer in several bars here in Helsinki, Finland.

You really can't go wrong with zebra nails. They can be both sophisticated as well as sexy:

Short, all over, black and white.
Long acrylics, with pink and black zebra print on the tips. Very rock n roll!
Discreete, natural looking zebra tips.

Another style that works well for me are leopard spots:

Long, stylish, very haute couture.

80's influenced.

Very upperclass. Perfect for a countess or a duchess.
Or why not go all the way and put fur on your acrylics:

Furry nails. Soft & Sexy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Neon Lipgoss & Matching Acrylic Nails

What's with everyone wearing bright red lipstick?

I like to match my neon acrylic nails with my lips.

Here are a few inspirational looks for y'all:

Pink works with everything and at all times of the day.
Pink & Black - Rock n Roll.
Orange all the way, all day.
Me last weekend... Yes, I had fun!

Monday Office Blues Inspiration

Ever been stuck at the office after hours? Having to finish some urgent stuff, for the next day? Stuff that is really your boss' table, but he couldn't do it because his kid had ballet class?

Yeah... In moments like these I let myself slip off to inspirational daydreams of fashionable women (contemporary and historical) that I admire.

Here's my selection:

Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt. Reputed for her charisma. When she finally didn't get her way, in the end, she preferred being bitten to death by vipers than surrendering. How's that for dedication?
Evita, the Argentinian super blonde who saved the poor and dressed up in Dior.
Naomi Campbell. Rumor has it the photography crews have to camp out in trailers. Naomi usually shows up 2-3 days late for her shoots.
Paris Hilton. I think we all have an heiress inside of us. I know I do, I just don't have the bank account to match her habits!
Marilyn Monroe. Blondes have more fun. Gentlemen prefer them and diamonds are their best friend.

Who do you think of, when you are stuck at work, in need of inspiration?

Kisses & hugs,


New Shoes and Finance Minister Cancellation

Hi fellow fashionistas!

Today the Finnish Minister of Finance was due to visit my unemployment office. She cancelled, on very short notice blaming the bad weather.

Oh well, what is a fashion gal to do to get back into a good mood?

I went shoe shopping! Found these wegde babies at H & M for 10 euros! What do you think?

Impulse, picker-upper purchase at H&M!

I love mint green shoes. Notice my neon orange toe nails!

Kisses & Hugs,


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coco Chanel Got it Right

Nobody said fashionable things better than Mademoiselle, Coco Chanel.

In my imagination, at work, I often tell my boss this:

Royal Fashion: Queen Elizabeth II

I've always been fascinated by royal fashion. And obviously nobody has more experience in this area than Her Majesty, Elizabeth II.

Did the Queen deliberately match her sash with Camilla's dress?

In this clip, we see her sporting a timelessly cut, brocade gown with a diamond tiara on the head. I am not sure, but I suspect that the blue sash that the Queen is wearing is supposed to match Camilla's blue dress.

What are your opinions?



PS. What's with them playing the music in the middle of Obama's speech? Couldn't they have let the President of the USA finish speaking before playing their music?

PS. #2. Michelle Obama looked wonderful! Somehow her look seems a bit more modern than the rest...