Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Office Blues Inspiration

Ever been stuck at the office after hours? Having to finish some urgent stuff, for the next day? Stuff that is really your boss' table, but he couldn't do it because his kid had ballet class?

Yeah... In moments like these I let myself slip off to inspirational daydreams of fashionable women (contemporary and historical) that I admire.

Here's my selection:

Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt. Reputed for her charisma. When she finally didn't get her way, in the end, she preferred being bitten to death by vipers than surrendering. How's that for dedication?
Evita, the Argentinian super blonde who saved the poor and dressed up in Dior.
Naomi Campbell. Rumor has it the photography crews have to camp out in trailers. Naomi usually shows up 2-3 days late for her shoots.
Paris Hilton. I think we all have an heiress inside of us. I know I do, I just don't have the bank account to match her habits!
Marilyn Monroe. Blondes have more fun. Gentlemen prefer them and diamonds are their best friend.

Who do you think of, when you are stuck at work, in need of inspiration?

Kisses & hugs,



  1. I think of Sarah Palin

  2. I think of George Clooney & Tyson Beckford!