Saturday, June 23, 2012

Office Look for Monday, meeting Finland's Minister of Finance

My boss just called me and turns out my office will be having quite a big day on Monday.

I work at the Helsinki (capital of Finland) Unemployment Office, and Monday we'll have the Minister of Finance coming by for an official inspection/visit. Unfortunately our department has a very bad score for finding employment for the unemployed in our area (though we do our best), so I suspect this visit may be related to all the negative press we have been getting lately.

Being very interested in fashion, I'm running through different warderobe options in my head already.

Finnish Minister of Finance, Jutta Urpilainen
I have a Chanel type of smart suit in mind. I actually inherited my grand mother's Chanel suit from the 50's. Maybe it's time to whip it out of the closet.

My grandmother Hillevi's Chanel suit
In terms of shoes I'm obviously going for Louboutins. I have this pair.
I think closed toes shoes are appropriate for this occasion. The bows are really fun to wear.
As far as bags go, I think I'll opt for a simple but elegant Versace clutch. Big bags get in the way.

My most important accessory, is of course my nails. At the moment I have extra long acrylics with beautiful neon lime green polish. In order to make them a notch classier, I'll go to my nail saloon and have some cameos attached on them. It'll look something like this:

Matching nails and jewelry is a MUST for me.


  1. Never heard of anyone matching their acrylic nails with their jewelry. Fashion forward.

  2. I think you can find them at Ross Dress For Less

  3. Anonymous,

    talking smack about my nails?

  4. Love it! But aren't the bows a little over the top?

  5. That Chanel suit looks younger than "being from the 50's". Your granny is a liar.

  6. Well.... if you're desperate for attention you'll be getting some with that outfit.

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