Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hair Color Anxiety

My work laptop doesn't have the new version of Photoshop, but you get the idea I hope.
Dear fellow fashionistas,

Today work is really slow (and boring) here at the Uenmployment Office in Helsinki, Finland.

In front of me, on my desk, is a humongous pile of CVs, from unemployed people who expect me to find work for them.

Day in and day out I deal with over the hill people who think that I can get them hired as:

-TV show hosts
-Brain surgeons

I'm over it. Instead of fighting the meaningless battle agains unemployment I am surfing the net, trying to decide what color to dye my hair this time.

I am leaning towards a very dark auburn do with one very bold, super blonde highlight.

What do you think?

Hugs & kisses,



  1. WOW that's one heck of a fashion forward hairstyle! Go for it, Donatella! Wish I was as brave as you!

  2. Hej Ella I suggest GREEN !!! U LOVE IT RITE !!


  3. Man blir ju ur i huvudet av dina annonser..jag far eye spasm...kan du snalla Ella lugna dem litta.

    Ok gillar slingan...menar du pu att det ar den nua innegrejen? Jag har int sa mycket har som du...kanske jag borde skaffa hairpiece och ga for hela? Vad tycker du?

    Kari Arvikoski

  4. aj habla Svenska... tackar google translate.

    One becomes the head of your ads .. my father eye spasm ... you can hand it held Ella calm them Litta.

    Ok like loop ... do you pu it's the nua fashionable? Ah've said much have you ... maybe I should get hair piece and go for the whole? What do you think?

    Kari Arvikoski

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