Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oldie-But-Goodie Hair Styles

I admit that sometimes when I look in the mirror, I miss some of those old hair styles that have been declared "non-grata". Rejected by the fashion crowd and left to languish on the no-go-fashion-dump.

Hear my confession. Forgive me, Anna Wintour, for I have sinned:

The chopped off monastery monk hair. Easy to style in the morning. Makes your hair look thick and healthy.

The 90's boy band hair. Looks really young if you have some dark (or why not blonde) roots to go with it. This exact cut is very flattering for women of all facial shapes. Imagine that with a nicely cut Thierry Mugler suit.

The perm. I admit, I love perms. Makes you hair look great, needs minimal styling and is just fabulous. I bet you love perms too, but you're not as bold as I am.

Whispy bangs. Gives us with a high forehead the option of hiding it, without having to go for thick, full on Lady Gaga bangs.


  1. I'm not sure those hair styles are as forbidden as you think. Who cares. Live and let live!

  2. Holy shit! I forgot Nick Carter used to look like THAT! Bring back the 90's!

    Love your blog Donatella!

  3. Hahaha this CANT be serious. Can it?

  4. Is this Lady Gaga's secret blog? Donatella and Gaga have very similar taste...

  5. I don't think this blog has ANYTHING to do with Gaga you loser!

  6. I still wear a perm. It's practical and looks good. I don't care what other people think about it.

  7. I also love perms, too bad most people still think it's a grandma-look.