Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unemployment Blues

Unemployment here in Helsinki (the capital of Finland) is very high. In fact, it's so elevated that sometimes I just throw my hands in the air and say to myself: "I give up!"

What is an unemployment official to do when faced with the steep uphill battle that I am supposed to consider my job?

My solution is to lock my office door, pull out the in-case-of-emergency-wine-bottle (from the lowest drawer of my desk) and read Vogue Paris. Today, my secretary appears to have stolen my Vogue stash (I'll get her for this one!) so I surfed on instead.

Here are my three looks for the day:

Why be so conventional? Find your own style! "Fashion fades, only style remains" Coco Chanel
Having a bad hair and clothes day? No problem - throw a burqa at the problem! Works with every look and every hair style!
Hot pants with curtain fringes - me likey!

Some may call these "hooker nails" - I call them classy!


  1. I dont think those are hooker nails! Lovely outfits Donatella! Did you wear any of them to work?



  2. The nails are indeed a bit slutty! Love the hotpants though.

    Where can I buy them?

  3. Are you allowed to drink wine at the office in Finland? I never knew it was SUCH a liberal country. Geeez, maybe I'll move there!

  4. definitely unconventional! x