Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally! Yves Saint Laurent to become pronouncable!

For years I have struggled... in chic department stores, at fancy dinners, talking to fashionistas... they all shake their head in sadness and disgust when I try to pronounce the name Yves Saint Laurent.

This is how I've understood that it is supposed to come out of the mouth: [IIIV SÄING LOORANG ]

My trendy friends have given up on me.

Now, however, it seems things are looking up. The hottest fashion rumor today is that YSL is going to drop the Y and just become SL. So now I can start practicing just saying: [ SÄINGLORANG ].

I think I can do it. My friends will have to live with it.


  1. Oh shit, I'm American... I always said Jivis Saint Lorentt.

    Is that wrong? Seriously?

  2. me too....and me too!

    fun blog Ella!